Favorite K-Pop Idols Part I

In this part one, I just want to cover the male artists that I jam regularly and have at least 3 or more songs from. In future parts I’ll go over female Idols. Who knows maybe I’ll go over the other male idols I only jam one or two songs from as well. Either way I hope you enjoy the read!

So, for some preface/context, most of these dudes are soloists. I can’t stand guy groups as we’ve been over before as well. Alright now let’s just get right into it!



Park Gyu-jung&Lee Hwi-min

Ok, so I don’t really know much about these guys and that is due in large part to the fact it’s kind of hard to find info on them. Also, I might be cheating here because they are actually producers, like Dj Khaled except the only thing they do in songs they produce is throw in a little sound bite of, “Groovy, Area” instead of screaming their own name from the rooftops like Khaled does.

Either way they produce absolute bangers. They’ve widened my taste for K-Pop vastly. Making me listen to artists like, Ph-1, Sik-K and GIRIBOY, despite saying like a week ago that I don’t really like these kinds of artists. LOL.

They produce mostly new age R&B style beats and tracks. So not quite like Usher and that sort but a little different. Which, I massively prefer to be honest. The more and more I listen to this genre of music, specifically KR&B, the more and more it becomes one of my favorite genres of music.


Jams by GroovyRoom


DPR Live

Solo Artist

DPR Live is a little different than the rest of the artists on this list as he isn’t really R&B he is more just a rapper. He has a great flow and when he does sing he does a really good job. I think the thing I enjoy the most about his music is that it is relatable. He tends to write about breakups or being in love and that stuff is just relatable to us all in one facet or another.

I need to look more into him and some of his other tracks and I haven’t really heard him featured in anyone elses work but I’m sure he would do a great job. He was kind of the first real male K-Pop star that I really could enjoy on a daily basis. So regardless of how much I might like some of the other people on this list better these days, DPR will always have a spot on lockdown.


Jams by DPR Live


Jay Park

Solo Artist

Is quite the anomaly. It all started on that fateful Sunday morning when I posted my piece on IKON, and mentioned that I don’t really mess with guys like Jay Park. But here’s what happened. I published that piece and then I thought to myself, “maybe I’m being too hard on him, I should give him another chance.” So i did.

I went to YouTube and just typed in Jay Park and the first thing that came up was a song by him called ‘V’ that had dropped at the time, only 5 hours ago. So I was like, “woah, bran new content, a brand new song, I should check this out,” and low and behold the song SLLLLAAAPPPPS. So I started checking out more songs by him annnnd well it didn’t go very well. So, whats the tea then, why is he here?


Side Note; o.O

I want the # for his tattoo artist. His hand pieces are stellar in my opinion and if I really could get my hand piece done by the same person I would.

I like Jay Park for his features. He features on a lot of tracks that are absolute BANGERS. And you know my friend Tim once said, “you know, every song has a lull” which I personally disagree with in that, if I don’t like every single part of the song, I don’t add it to a playlist of mine. I only mess with songs I like in their entirety. I might like parts more than others but there’s zero songs out of the 517 songs total that I have downloaded on Spotify that I don’t enjoy every second of.

Point being, Jay Park is a crucial part of these songs he is featured on. If he wasn’t they wouldn’t have bothered getting him on the track. Also, a lot of the time I enjoy his part more than the other artists on the tracks parts. So in short Jay Park is great in other peoples songs, but when it’s just him, for one reason or another, it just doesn’t quite jive with me. So, a lot of the songs I share will be songs he’s featured on and might even be repeats but yolo.


Jams by Jay Park



IKON/Solo Artist

Bobby isn’t new to y’all.

Bobby is one of the few Idols that makes me just stop all things and blast the volume and listen intently until he is done singing or rapping. Doesn’t matter what part of the song he’s in, doesn’t matter what hes doing, he just kills it every single time. He has one solo album out that’s kind of eh in my opinion to be honest. I mainly prefer him when he’s with IKON. However I think they have something in the works for his next solo album and I could not be more hyped for it. I think he is a far better rapper than singer so hopefully it’s more rap based and less singing. YG just teased something on their official Instagram about a sub unit maybe featuring just Bobby, Chan and Song! This is exciting on multiple fronts as it would be IKON’s first sub unit and less members means more time for Bobby which means more FIIIREEEE.


Please Ignore the fact this image is grainy as all get out.

Look at that purple hair tho.


Seriously, if I could pull off the purple hair, I would.

It just looks so dope.

Anyways that’s kind of all I have to say about Bobby lol. I’ll only share the one song I have from his solo album and as for IKON songs, I’ll just share songs where I enjoy his part more than the any of the other members parts.


The best of Bobby



Solo Artist

So I don’t really know a whole lot about Dean either but to be honest that’s because I haven’t really been into him for all too long. What’s important for now is that he is a R&B singer.

He reminds me a lot of Adam Levine, which as you can gather I obviously find a good thing. The best part of every good Maroon V song is Adam Levine. Anyways Dean is really good and he features on a lot of other peoples tracks but I haven’t really given any of those a chance yet. The best thing about Dean is his vocal range, he has a solid steady range that he just nails. Nothing in any of his material sounds forced or rushed in any way shape or form.

All of his instrumentals are stellar as well. Each song is really filled out well and nothing every sounds empty or hollow in his songs. Even on songs where he has people featured, which, he always finds great people to feature on his tracks. This once again expands my array of popular Korean music as I previously had not heard of a lot of these artists and wasn’t really a part of any groups or had any friends who had heard of these artists either.

Jams by Dean

So yeah! There you have it the first set of my favorite K-Pop stars, I plan on doing this for favorite female idols as well so stick around for that lol. Jam some KR&B it’ll seriously change your life. HAVE A HAPPY THURSDAY YALL.

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