This is going to be just like the Red Velvet post I put up! I'll just be talking about IKON and why I enjoy their music! 

Getting into their story, they were formed in 2015 under YG Entertainment, one of the big 3 if you recall back to K-Pop 101. They have the distinction of currently being the only all guy K-Pop group I regularly listen to. That said, being totally transparent they aren't really as big of a deal to me as Red Velvet so this will be I guess you could say watered down? It just won't have as much passion behind it because my passion for Red Velvet surpasses most things on this earth. Whereas my passion for IKON does not. 

The group currently consists of the following members in no particular order.


Right then so that's who they are! 

I'll go into two points about IKON. First why I like them so much, and then second, my thoughts as to why they seem to be the only guy group I can bring myself to truly enjoy consistently. Finally, I'll just list everything I jam by them at the end of the post so you can check it out and that'll be it! 

I think I like them so much because of their concept. I'm really grasping at nothing here y'all. IKON is such an anomaly for me. I've been trying to decipher what it is about them that I enjoy so much but honestly, all it really comes down to is they just sound better than literally every single other guy group I have heard.

Bobby is an incredible rapper, in my opinion, he is the best rapper in K-Pop. Keep in mind I don't really mess with guys like Jay Park or Sik-K who are much more like the rappers you're probably used to hearing. 

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they don't sound whiney. All the other guy groups seem to sound mopey and annoying to me. I can't relate at all to them, not their lyrics, not their aesthetic, not their personalities. Maybe I haven't done enough searching I really don't know to be honest with you. 

I think they can all sing incredibly well, but if I need to highlight one or two of them it would be DK and Song for their singing abilities. They knock it out of the park no matter what the concept is, the cadence is, the lyrics are, doesn't matter they always deliver incredible singing. 

I think the biggest thing I enjoy about IKON is that they don't really do aegyo at all. They still make happy upbeat music without being super cute and childish, but without going completely sex drugs and money on me. Which is directly why I don't really listen to a lot of secular rap these days. Can't relate to the whole sex drugs and money thing. 

So with how short this ended up being, I'll just go into my bias, and then all the songs I jam by them but I'll say a thing or two about some of the songs that are in more heavy rotation by them then others and then that'll be it. 


Bobby is my bias

because as I mentioned earlier is one of my favorite rappers outright at the moment let alone in K-Pop. As a fella I can still appreciate the fact he always looks fresh as hell. He can sing when he wants to, and he's a great dancer, for me Bobby is the complete package. He's amazing at everything. 

And here's everything I listen to from IKON!



This song is great because I can relate to it. It's about the writer of the song breaking up with a girl and then regretting it, but the word they are using for 'Killing me' is 죽겠다 or Jukgetda which would be used almost sarcastically, and towards the end you see the writer asking if he really misses the girl or if he just hates being alone. It's so good and you should check it out. 

ikon beautiful.jpg


This song is a standard love song. It's filled with all of the great things about Ikon, DK singing, Bobby rapping for a quick second, Ju-ne kills his parts. It's just a great feel good song to listen to. 



Bling Bling










And there we are! If you don't like girl groups at all that's fine. Guy groups are pretty different so give at least KILLING ME a shot! 

Who knows maybe in the future after some further deep soul searching I will figure out why it is that I seem like to IKON. I feel like Red Velvet has become a part of my existence low-key. It's like a double package. If I go, I'm taking Red Velvet with me. I hope Red Velvets music is heaven. It's probably not but hey one can hope. Have a great Sunday! 

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