Poets Dread

Pretty prose and peachy poems,

High on elation, whole Haikus,

Square curves,

No one knows what you mean,

Broken stanzas&swallowed lines,

Incomplete rhymes, and

Scripted, sculpted, seduced, perused, projected,

Crooked green blue and true,


Pseudo Aphasia (i)

Lost words, listed in stone,

Stuck inside you,

Infinite inspiration, (ii)

Infantile expression,

Sweet death come swiftly,

Poets dread, (iii)

Poets dread,

(i) Different types of aphasia have to do with the brain losing its ability to communicate properly. Sometimes it takes the form of not being able to understand, sometimes it takes the form of others not being able to understand you.

(ii) Having more than ample inspiration for writing all kinds of poetry works, yet not having the ability to express what you are pulling from the inspiration clearly and effectively

(iii) The poets dread here, is that no one will understand them and their writing. That with any of their pieces, people wont get any meaning or gleam any truth about what the author was intending to get across. I.e., pseudo aphasia. Neither party really has any form of aphasia, yet there is severe enough misunderstanding in the communication one way or another that neither party is understood. all poets want their pieces to have meanings, and to have truths gleamed from them, the poets dread is to write something beautiful yet hollow.

PoetryMatt Roselake