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Top left to right; 혜린, 정화, 하니, Bottom left to right; 솔지, and, 엘이

Top left to right; 혜린, 정화, 하니, Bottom left to right; 솔지, and, 엘이

So here’s the deal my friends, I was going to just do a post about my favorite female idols but seeing as how that list changes like the weather, it’s just not going to happen. SO, instead, I’m just going to a feature post for all the girl groups I like and maybe at the end of doing this I’ll do a post about my favorite members from said girl groups.

For now, I am going to talk about EXID!! Also, it’s not said, ‘Ecksid’ it’s just said letter by letter, i.e. ‘E-X-I-D’.

So here’s kind of the thing, Exid, have quickly become my favorite group over Red Velvet. I love each member of Exid more than I love each member of Red Velvet. Singing wise, from what they show of their personality, visually, in every metric known to man, I like Exid more than I like Red Velvet.

Lets do this the normal way. (Links are their Instagram Pages)
















So what is is it that I like about EXID so much? well, they are each incredible singers, incredible dancers and from the personality they portray on shows and on their own show, Exid showtime. They are each huge dorks. Which of course is hilarious.

I just enjoy Exid more than I do any other kpop groups or artists. Here’s my theory as to why that it is.

Exid more or less do what they want. LE writes most of their songs as well as produces them. From my research she doesn’t come up with a majority of the choreography but either way. The fact that they are allowed to express themselves through LE’s lyrics rather than some higher up in their labels company i think is what makes them feel less like a bunch of super famous super attractive ladies in a kpop group and more like a bunch of friends who hit the big time.

This is all heightened by the fact that, as i’ve said before they are all really dorky. You should watch this video it is the only piece of evidence I need to support my claim because it’s that good. After you watch this video you should finish reading this article and then go back to watching funny videos of Exid!

You’ll thank me later.

I mean honestly that’s really it as far as what sets them apart from all the other music i listen to Kpop or not. I find them to be more relatable, more enjoyable to listen to and their music videos are stellar. They also just happen to be incredibly funny people too.

With that out of the way I’ll just get into what it is about each member that I like. what it is that makes them better than other members of other groups for me.


Is the leader of the group!

Solji has been through a lot. The group debuted back in 2012, things were great. In 2016 she had to go on hiatus due to hyperthyroidism. She’s still on hiatus technically, but she had surgery and is in better health these days and won’t be on hiatus for the comeback, supposedly happening sometime either this month or before the new year at the latest.

Solji is an incredible singer. So good on the drama show, ‘the masked singer’ she became the ‘masked king’ (so, the popular consensus goes.) or the best singer on the show. Which is no slouchy award.

The resolve she has to not call it quits on the whole singing thing and keep going is incredible to watch. It just gets me excited, so pumped up to cheer her on. I love to see that stuff. She’s extremely funny and kind hearted. without Solji I wouldn’t love Exid as a group as much as I do.

maxresdefault (5).jpg


is the rapper of the group!

And according to herself, “the really sexy one” which, while true to a point, I actually prefer her in her dorky Exid show time state. I.e. I like her more when shes being herself and being funny. Not when shes trying to seduce the ever living hell out of me lol.

I actually couldn’t stand her at first. Because I didn’t really see anything other than a lady who was just playing the role of the ‘sexy’ one in the group. Her rapping was great of course and she can sing when she wants to as well. But it wasn’t until I started watching them on drama shows where there was no need for her to be the ‘sexy’ one and that’s what made me like her.

This speaks to my point of I personally am incapable of listening to music for purely the way it sounds or anything like that. There has to be something deeper for me. LE is the complete package, rapper, singer, dancer, sexy, but it wasn’t until I saw what she portrays on tv shows of her real personality that I was able to fully enjoy what she brings to the table in their music.



Is the lead dancer!

I feel like Hani is the most down to earth member of Exid. She is very quick to show you or tell you her emotions or thoughts in any given situation. Which makes for some great comedy time to time.

Hani seems to be the one that could get along with literally any human being on the planet. I guess if were talking ‘sacred ennegrams’ here, she strikes me as a 9 or a 2. Easy going and eager to please people. Not for the sake of their validation but solely for the sake of wanting the best for them.

Of course her dancing ability helps as well. But I can’t really help but feel like if by some act of God that I met Hani her and I would somehow have a lot in common and easily become friends. She just gives off that vibe and I love it. It shows everywhere. On tv, fansigns, music videos, stage performances. You name it.



Is the lead vocalist!

Hyerin is EASILY the dorkiest member of Exid. It’s seriously not even close. There’s about 30 country miles between her and the rest of the group as far as dorky levels are concerned. As a result of this dorkiness, she’s also the funniest member of the group to me. She makes me laugh the most which is always welcome.

She has a way of hitting notes with nuance and intonation that the other ladies just can’t. Which I don’t say as a disservice to the other members but more as an observation about Hyerins singing abilities.

She is also the cuteness or aegyo queen of the group. About 99% of the time any of the members are asked to be over the top cute it fails miserably which is absolutely hilarious in it’s own right. However Hyerin being able to pull it off is more heart warming than any newborn baby or a box of puppies.



Is the Maknae!

쫑쫑 (Jjong-jjong) Is her nickname and it’s adorable. At 23 she is the youngest member of the group. Which, as a result of my age I feel like makes her the most relatable. Despite everything I just said about how much I enjoy and appreciate the other members and what they bring to the table there’s about 5 country miles between 쫑쫑 and the other ladies.

I think she is hilarious. She always just sends it in everything. In every episode of Exid Showtime I’ve seen so far she wants to be a part of everything and likes to take in the full experience each day offers. She’s pretty competitive which is also really funny on shows like Weekly Idol where there’s often a series of games that pits members against each other.

Shes by far the best singer in my opinion the sound of her voice is the definition of music to my ears. She’s by far the most attractive member of the group for me as well. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t know her at all really. But from what she puts out there for the cameras too see, I somewhat, to an extent, feel like I do.

Which is what the producers of all these shows want. They want you to feel like you can relate to them, that you know them, that you are a part of their family in some metric or another. And the members of Exid do an incredible job of doing that. I just happen to think, 쫑쫑 does it the best. While I said Hani is best dancer, I personally would rather watch, Jeonghwa, While I said Hyerin is the lead vocalist Id rather listen to Jeonghwa, Id rather if again by some benevolent act of God, meet Jeonghwa than any of the other members.


Hyerin does make me laugh the most, 쫑쫑 won’t be taking that away from her anytime soon. At least I don’t think, who really knows. Jeonghwa is just the best overall member in my opinion. But that’s just me. Everyone is going to have different opinions which is great. My friend Clemens prefers Solji and Hani, my friend James likes LE the best, variety is a good thing. However, it’s worth mentioning that Jeonghwa is my favorite idol, not just from Exid, but my favorite idol ever. As you may or may not recall from kpop 101, the technical term here would be, ultimate bias, or ult for short. 쫑쫑 is my absolute favorite.

So that’s who Exid is and what I like about them as a group and individually but what about the actual music. What they actually get paid the big bucks to do for a living?

As of writing this Exid have three mini albums out, Hippity Hop, Full Moon, and Eclipse. Also, as is the case with every kpop group, a smattering of EP’s and singles from across the years.

Exid currently have two full length albums out, Ah Yeah, and Street. Hopefully their next comeback is a full length comeback.

That’s the discography as far as major releases are concerned. Now here is everything I jam by them regularly. All links are to Youtube, the official music video where possible and where not, to a lyric video.


Night Rather Than Day

From Eclipse


DDD, Alice (정하 solo)

From Full Moon



From Lady

Ah Yeah, A sul Hae, Todak Todak, Wihtout U, 1M, Up&Down

From Ah Yeah


L.I.E, I Know

From Street

There you have all the music that I regularly listen to by Exid! I might jam a song or two that isn’t listed here on the occasion but this every song I have downloaded to my Spotify playlist!

Exid for Mizuno

Exid for Mizuno

And there you have Exid! Who they are, why I like them, and what I listen too from them! I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope even more so that you listen to some of their music!

Up next for this style of post is girl group Twice! Which, if you’ve read my content for a while, that name should ring a bell! Or if you’ve seen me considering I have a shirt with Twices’ leaders face on it, Jihyo! Twice JUST had a comeback EARLY this morning 1:00AM my time, (6PM Korean time) So it’ll be a great post next time!

Have a blessed Monday my friends!

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